Tech Terms and Inquiry Tips

Flattened and Unflattened

Expanded Metal Un-Flattened
Expanded Metal Flattened

SWD, LWD, Strand Width, Strand Thickness

Expanded Metal Technical Terms Drawing
Expanded Metal Drawing Marker Picture

Inquiry Tips

Above informations are very important for us to generate the price, but some information above is difficult to measure if customer do not have proper tools, such as Bond, SWO, LOW.   but all other information are very necessary to generate the cost.  so when customer send Qinghe the inquiry, please ensure the following information are included: 

-The material

-The Strand Thickness

-Strand Width

-SWD(short way diamond)

-LWD(long way diamond)

-The panel size if your needs are panels

-The roll width and lenght if your need is rolls

-The LWD running along the width? or Length?


-Flattened or Un-flattened?

if you have more information like the following, they will also be very helpful for us: 

-The weight per SQM or SQF

-The Quantity for this order and for future possilbe orders.

-The Lead Time you want for this order and for future possible orders.

-Other information you think is important.

Expanding the Metal and our Limits

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