Our Advantages

Expanded Metal Die

The expanding process starts by designing the precision die. We believe that the quality of the die is critical for the quality of products. We have therefore invested heavily on die-making and developing our die-making techniques. Including Custom Made EDM machines and SODICK AQ750.

Expanding Machines

We use the CNC Expanded Metal Machine to produce state-of-the-art products. About 50% of our Expanding machines are custom made. As when the expandinging machine factories was manufacturing, all machines are technically designed to stamp products like hardware other than expanded metal, because the market size of those needs is far more than the needs of expanded metal. Anping Qinghe talked to the manufacturers to specially designed stamping machines100% perfectly satisfy the needs of punching expanded metal.


More than 40% of our staff both in the workhouse and office have more than 10 years’ experience. Such as our sales, meet our sales.

Expanding the Metal and our Limits

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