Qinghe Expanded Metal are available in your choice of finishes. Greenhouse benches, patio furniture, utility trailers and playground equipment are among the many places that you will find expanded metal mesh with a finished or coated surface.

Cleaning is the first step in a finishing process. Qinghe Expanded Metal are lightly coated with a water-based lube and therefore will require cleaning prior to finishing. Most finishing services will include cleaning the material prior to processing. Depending on your situation and material type, various cleaning methods are available from mild abstergent to sandblasting.

Chemical Cleaning

Material Applied Most: Stainless Steel, Aluminium

Chemical Cleaning is applied to expanded metal materials like expanded stainless steel, expanded aluminum or expanded metal filters.  

Mill Finish

Material Applied Most: Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Gal. Steel

Mill Finishing is applied to expanded metal materials like expanded metal filters or expanded metal used in cement.  

Hot dip galvanizing 

Material Applied Most: Plain Carbon Steel

Hot dip galvanizing is a popular and common form of finishing for expanded metal, it is hot dipped galvanizing after expanding. The galvanized finish can cover the entire surface of the material and any exposed or unfinished surfaces should be considered unacceptable. The sheets are dipped in molten zinc and allowed to dry. This may result in a finish with a rough and uneven appearance.

Note: Due to the temperatures that are required to melt the zinc, warping and / or distortion may occur, especially in materials lighter than 18 gauge.
In addition, patterns with openings smaller than 1/2 inch are NOT recommended for galvanizing because the openings may become filled.

Electric galvanizing

Material Applied Most: Plain Carbon Steel

Electric galvanizing is economical finishing compared with Hot Dip Galvanizing. The processing of electric galvanized expanded metal is electric ganvanizing after expanding.
Electric galvanized finish is the zinc salt solution through electrolysis, to the plating on the coating, in general do not have heating, a small number of zinc encountered humid environment is easy to fall off. The zinc coating is less than hot dip galvanizing, only 20-50g/m2, its own resistance to corrosion than hot-dip galvanized far too small. However , the price of electric galvanization is relatively cheaper.  

PVC Powder Coating

Material Applied Most: Plain Carbon Steel, Gal. Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium

Coated expanded metal with the first hot-dip plating, then PVC powder at high temperature, automatic production line of dip-coating formed. Expanded metal has been strictly quality checked before PVC powder coating; our advanced PVC coating line and our experience staff can make our finished products of PVC Coated expanded metal has beautiful appearance, even mesh size, and flat surface. We have very strict requirement for PVC powder material, we have been supplied with the best PVC powder available within China to ensure our PVC coated expanded metal products can satisfy the most strict quality requirement from world.

Oil Spraying

Material Applied Most: Plain Carbon Steel

Oil Spraying
Some customers prefer the carbon steel expanded metals to be oil sprayed to avoid the possible rusting because of the moisture during the long time sea shipping.


Material Applied Most: Aluminium, Aluminium Alloy 

Anodizing is used primarily on expanded aluminum or expanded aluminium alloy; however, certain alloys do not lend themselves to the anodizing process as well as others. This type of finish is electrochemically applied in various thicknesses and offers a wide range of color choices. Coating thickness varies according to the application. The finished surface is smooth and uniform in appearance.

Expanding the Metal and our Limits

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