Expanded Coil Lath

Product Overview

Coil lath which is normally considered as brick mesh, coil lath is a high quality expanded galvanized or stainless steel mesh for use primarily as an anti-cracking reinforcement in the construction of brick and block masonry. We supplies big opening light weight expanded metal coils for building of brick wall reinforcement.

Coil Mesh is available in a variety of widths to suit most wall constructions and is supplied coiled for ease of handling. Coil lath is widely used in the large-area plastering engineering as the plastering underlay, in order to avoid cracking and resist vibrations. The brickwork reinforcement looks harmonious and beautiful. It has the continuous lengths of joint reinforcement that are embedded into the horizontal mortar joints of masonry walls. Joint reinforcement has long proven to be necessary for superior performance of masonry wall construction.

Installation of brick wall expanded metal lathing:

The expanded metal lath mesh is laid in strips between brick or block courses leaving approximately 25mm clearance from the faces of the work. Where coil mesh joins are required, ensure they overlap by at least 75mm.The reinforcement is then simply embedded in the mortar for the next course.


– Easy handling

– can form an overall construction with great tensile strength

– Pressure Resistance

– Vibration-proof

– Bearing the temperature change


– Galvanized Steel

– Stainless Steel

Expanded Metal Coil Lath Specification
DescriptionTYPELengthThicknessWeightLWD X SWD
QH-CL642.56410-1000.35-0.50.55-0.7815 X 25
QH-CL101410110-1000.35-0.50.55-0.7815 X 25
QH-CL1144.511410-1000.35-0.50.55-0.7815 X 25
QH-CL152615210-1000.35-0.50.55-0.7815 X 25
QH-CL178717810-1000.35-0.50.55-0.7815 X 25
QH-CL200820010-1000.35-0.50.55-0.7815 X 25
QH-CL229922910-1000.35-0.50.55-0.7815 X 25
QH-CL3051230510-1000.35-0.50.55-0.7815 X 25

Expanding the Metal and our Limits

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