Expanded Metal Cladding


Expanded metal mesh which can be used for exterior facade is a form of metal sheet with various shaped openings in the area. It can be made of a range of materials, such as carbon steel, aluminum metal, stainless steel metal, nickel metal. But aluminum expanded metal mesh is the most common than others because of its lighter weight and better corrosion resistance. Besides, after being expanded by machine, the expanded metal mesh becomes stronger, lighter, and more rigid as well as having a skid resistant surface.

With so many good features, it becomes a new type of building materials mainly used as elegant building exterior facade. It is specially designed to minimize installation time and installation cost. It can be widely used in various kinds of buildings, office building, shopping mall etc



-AL 1060 / -AL 3003 / -AL 5005 / -AL 5052

Gal. Steel / Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel:

-AISI 304 / -AISI 304L /-AISI 316 / -AISI 316L


-Anodizing for aluminum expanded metal mesh

-Powder coated in various colors

Expanding the Metal and our Limits

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