Expanded Angle Bead

Product Overview

Angle Bead provides a straight arris that will not easily crack and reinforces the plaster where it is most required. The expanded mesh wings of angle bead provide an excellent mechanical key for most types of plaster and render. Angle bead is simple and quick to fit. Plaster dabs are applied to the wall at 600mm spacing and the wings of the bead then pressed into the plaster dabs to plumb or level the bead. Where the corner bead has to be fixed to metal lath it is recommended that it is fixed with wire ties. When cutting is required this should be carried out by using a fine toothed hacksaw on the solid metal and tin snips on the mesh wings. To join two lengths together, a headless nail should be used to ensure alignment of the nose.


-Stainless Steel

-Gal. Steel


– Products simply fixed with plaster dabs or nails
– Edges, arises, corners, joints and abutments all easier to form
– Designed to minimized potential chipping, cracking and associated damage

Expanded Angle Bead Types

Standard Expanded Angle Bead

Providing straight corners. Used over irregular surfaces. Plaster keys near nose for reinforcement where needed most.

Expanded Angle Bead With Creased Reinforce Flange

Providing straight corners with wave margin and nail hole. Used over irregular surfaces. Plaster keys near nose for reinforcement where needed most.

Stop Bead

Expanded Flange Square Casing features a short 90 or 135 return at plaster surface which serves as a plastering stop to ensure a neat finish. The expanded flange grounds 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, or 3/4″ to suit all needs

Standard Expanded Angle Bead

Standard Expanded Angle Bead Specification
 CodeHole SizeThicknessWing sizeLength
Expanded Angle Bead With Creased Reinforce Flange
Expanded Angle Bead With Creased Reinforce Flange Specification
 CodeHole SizeThicknessWing sizeLength
Expanded Angle Bead Stop Bead
Stop Bead Specification
 CodeHole SizeThicknessGroundLength
QHC505X15,10X20,10X300.3-0.5 3/81-2.85
QHC505X15,10X20,10X300.3-0.5 1/21-2.85
QHC505X15,10X20,10X300.3-0.5 5/81-2.85
QHC505X15,10X20,10X300.3-0.5 3/41-2.85

Expanding the Metal and our Limits

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