Expanded Metal Sheets, Coils & Products Manufacturer

We Expand 30 Million Holes per Hour

By CNC welding machines and State of the Art Tooling Workshop.

300+ Customers in 40+Countries

We load 1.5 containers daily on average in 2020 to fight the pandemic.

Quality, Price & Delivery Time

The 3 only factors we care about for customers

Heavy Duty Expanded Metal Sheets

Qinghe make expanded metal sheets from coils or sheets according to the thickness of the material.

Micro Hole Expanded Metal

Qinghe can make super small hole size by different material

We are driven by Values

Qinghe believes that “one time business with” cannot support Qinghe to live and develop. Aiming at entering long-term business with customers, Qinghe abide by this rule when doing quoting, sample quoting, quality controlling during order, logistic service, and all other procedures involved in dealing with customers.

Expanding Metal and our Limits

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