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- Smooth surface- no ridges, texture, holes, or slots

Besides the Expanded Metal Gutter Cover, we also supply fine stainless Steel (SS316L, Marine Grade), it can be put on top of the expanded metal gutter cover to have a smooth surface, it allows leaves to easily slide off of the roof.


- Professionaly installed with screws, not nails

Qinghe Metal Mesh requires all our distributors to be trained on this specific product. For stronger, sturdier installation, all our distributoers install the Gutter Cover with galvanized screws or Stainless Steel screws underneath the first row of shingles, where no water ever comes in contact with it. This installation not only flashes your roof, but also makes sure the product is securely fastened onto your home, preventing against wind damage, costly product replacement, and unsightly buckling due to Australian weather.


- Constructed from a heavy duty up to 1MM (0.040 INCH) gauge material

Qinghe proudly provide expanded metal gutter cover that lasts, and the quality material is made out of contributes to its reputation for durability and quality.


- Utilizes surface tension to draw rain into gutters while keeping debris out

The science of surface tension works for you to keeps your gutters clean, clear, and flowing. In fact,The Gutter Cover is laboratory tested to control a simulated sheeting of rainfall equivalent to 15 inches per hour – way more than enough to control capacity.


- Little to no maintenance required

You will never again have to endanger yourself by climbing up on your roof to clean your gutters. TheGutter Cover system will direct leaves and other debris to the ground.


- Variety colors and 10 years guranttee

we are doing each order at customers required color, all the powder we ordered are international quality, 10 years guranttee!


- Protects your home and landscaping

The Gutter Cover prevents gutter clogging and overflow issues that arise from debris-filled gutters.

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