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Expanded rib lath is expanded metal-lath stiffened with longitudinal ribs. Rib lath offers special extension due to its special opening and the uniform V type reinforce structure in the surface. The furring design of the mesh provides efficient background plaster for construction of partition, suspended ceilings and refurbishment works. The advantage of ribbed-lath over metal-lathing is that support centers can be increased or widened. 


Expanded rib lath has better anti-stress capability and forming flexibility than normal metal lath. Rib expanded metal lath is extensively used in construction of civil building, industrial building, construction under the water like banks, ponds, infrastructure engineering as well as municipal works. Rib Lath works well with other construction materials, saving labor cost. The use of expanded rib lath make possible and easy installation rates, also ensure an accurate and uniform surface finish of the plaster.



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