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- Micro hole expanded metal mesh is mainly used in high temperature, super clean with high speed flow

place, such as subway, tunnel, swimming pool, hospital, foodstuffs factory, electronics factory, chemical

industry, transportation, sound-absorbing wall, etc.


- Used in various precision air filter, oil filter, stationery(e.g. File holder, pen container), wall protection, mesh

door, mesh frame, etc.


- Can be used in indoor and outdoor chairs of park, supermarket, hospital, bank, etc.


- Used as ceiling and wall decoration: it has a special science function, which is sound absorption! It often

appears in a large sitting room, office building and mall to be ceiling and wall decoration.


-  Used as Curtain Wall to make the large building more grand and beautiful, and protect the building as well.


- It is also the role of air filter and weaken the strong sunshine.



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